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If You're Serious About Building a Legitimate Fitness Business, This Video Will Change Your Life...
This 21-Minute Training video will walk you through exactly how we take fitness entrepreneurs just like you and help them create their dream fitness business by leaning into their strengths and dramatically increasing the revenue you're capable of earning.

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We Already Know Who You Are!

We know you want more out of your business. We know you are more than willing to do whatever it takes, take the leaps of faith and do everything required of a successful fitness entrepreneur, you just don't know what moves to make. You know you're capable of so much more but there is so much damn uncertainty with every decision you make, you've become paralyzed. 

"Complexity is the ENEMY of Execution." -Tony Robbins

"Complexity is the ENEMY of Execution." -Tony Robbins

  • Simplify: Escape the mental chaos of entrepreneurship and focus on the ONE THING that actually makes a difference.
  • Certainty: Never wonder again if your next move is the right move. Get the answers. Be CERTAIN!
  • Momentum: Through simplification and certainty comes momentum and with momentum, ANYTHING is possible and success is PROBABLE.

30-Day Runway: Work 1-on-1 with Sean for FREE

Join the entrepreneurs who are generating THOUSANDS  of Dollars before they ever pay us a single penny!

Your business is just like an airplane. The biggest and best planes that travel the furthest, they need a longer runway to pick up speed and get enough wind under their wings. We want to turn your business into a big 747 MEGA-Plane! While we make those tweaks and changes, we don't want you to have to pay us a single penny until your business is ready to fly! That's why we introduced the 30-Day Runway!

Join the entrepreneurs who are generating THOUSANDS  of Dollars before they ever pay us a single penny!

How 4A Coaching Works...

In Just a Few Months, You Will Complete our 9-Step Program

  • ​Personal Systems: The first step is to create systems that inject energy, consistency, productivity and revenue into your business.
  • ​The Perfect Customer: Identify EXACTLY who you want to work with every day! We will craft your messaging and offers around this avatar.
  • Offer Structure: Create a SIMPLE offer structure that allows you to zero in on the one that makes you the most money.
  • Pricing: FINALLY start getting paid what you are worth and delivering incredible value worth every single penny.
  • Lead Generation: Build a PREDICTABLE and CONSISTENT pipeline of new clients.
  • ​Buyer Transformation: Create a consistent machine that turns new leads into hot buyers
  • ​Close the Deal: Transform yourself into a world-class closer capable of comfortably overcoming objections and closing any deal.
  • ​Overdeliver: Make your customers your greatest salespeople by delivering 10X more value than they could ever expect.
  • ​Increase Lifetime Value: Make ever customer worth more to your business through upsells, value ladders and high-ticket services.
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